10  must-try Bengali Prawn Recipes

Debjanir Rannaghar

Let's check some of the easy to cook, signature Bengali Prawn Recipes

Chingri Malaikari

Chingri Malai curry is a signature Bengali prawn delicacy prepared with jumbo prawns or Shrimp and coconut milk.

Phulkopi Aloo diye Chingri Kaliya

Phulkopi Aloo diye Chingri Kaliya is a comforting preparation of Prawns, Potatoes, and Cauliflower.

Chingri Paturi aka Prawn Paturi

Chingri Paturi is a classic Bengali delicacy. This dish uses the process of steaming and that too within an envelope of Banana leaf with the signature Bengali spice mix of Coconut-mustard-poppyseed.

Pui Chingri Ghonto

Pui Chingri Ghonto aka Malabar Spinach Mishmash with Prawns (with Potato and Pumpkin) is a Bengali style mishmash prepared with Greens and Prawns.

Shutki Chingri Bhorta

A traditional Bengali Prawn paste recipe originally from Bangladesh, Chingri Shutki Bhorta is the perfect companion for Steamed rice

Aloo Chingrir Shorshe Bata Diye Jhal

light Mustard based curry with Prawn and Potato Wedges

A signature Bengali delicacy where the Prawn cooked under Tender Coconut along with spices and coconut flesh; Daab Chigri is worth trying for!

Daab Chingri

Chingri Mathar Kalia

Chingri Mathar Kalia is a signature Bengali  curry cooked with prawn head along with potato chunks.

Chingri diye Pui Metuli Chorchori

Chingri Diye Pui Metuli Chorchori is a Bengali mishmash cooked with Pui metuli (fruits of Malabar spinach, other veggies and also Shrimps

Chingri Bati Chorchori

Chingri Bati Chorchori is a Bengali style one-pot curry cooked with fresh prawns and veggies.