Fish Begum Bahar Recipe 

Debjanir Rannaghar

Mostly cooked with Bhetki Maach aka Indian Barramundi, Fish Begum Bahar is a delectable fish curry and immensely popular in Bengal.

Step 1

Begum Bahar Calls for a special cut of Bhjetki Fish aka Indian Barramundi

Step 2

Marinate fish chunks with salt, turmeric powder,  and lemon juice

Step 3

Make a paste with Egg, All-purpose Flour, Semolina, Garlic Paste, Ginger Paste, Kashmiri Red Chili Powder, and Salt and marinate fish with this.

Step 4

Soak Cashew nut, Raisin, Poppyseed, Mace, Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Cinnamon and make a paste

Step 5

Heat oil and fry fish

Step 5

in remaining oil add ghee and Temper the Oil with Cinnamon Stick, Bay leaf, Dry Red Chili, Black Cardamom and Green Cardamom

Step 5

Add Onion paste followed by Garlic paste, ginger paste, and tomato paste and cook on low flame.

Step 5

1. Add Sugar, Salt, Turmeric Powder Cumin Powder and cook till the spices cooked well.

Step 5

Now add 2 Cups of water and bring the mixture into a boil and cook till the gravy thickens. Add fishes and cook for a while to complete the curry. Add Garam Masala and ghee .

Serve Fish Begum Bahar  hot with steamed rice.