Mutton Nihari Recipe

Debjanir Rannaghar

Debjanir Rannaghar


Nihari is a slow-cooked and flavored stew cooked with shank meat and marrow bones.

History of Nihari

The Mughals introduced Nalli Nihari to the Indian subcontinent. Initially, Mutton Nihari was favored by the noble lot, however, over the years other types of meats such as beef, buff, etc. were introduced. In Pakistan, Nihari is mostly cooked with beef. These days, Chicken Nihari is equally popular. In India, you can see different versions of Nihari cooked with Beef, Mutton, or Chicken.

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Step 1

Shank is mainly round thigh meat. The muscles of the upper thigh of the animals due to their bone structure are tough and dry and also full of marrow. This particular type of bone is the source of gelatin. Gelatin is a degraded form of collagen and hours of cooking release the collagen into the stew.

Veggies needed

Step 2

Make Nihari Masala following the ingredients mentioned in the link

Step 3

Marinate Mutton with salt, ginger, garlic and nihari masala

Step 4

Fry mutton in a mixture of Ghee and Oil, See detailed recipe for measurements

Step 5

Step 5

Let the moisture release from the mutton while cooking Nalli Nihari

Step 6

Add Nihari Masala. See detailed recipe for time and measurement

Step 7

Add boiling water  followed by salt and chili powder and cook for 5 hours on slow flame

Step 5

Separate floating oil from the top of the mutton nihari after 5 hours of cooking

Step 9

Add slurry and cook for 1 hours

Step 9

Adjust Nihari Masala to complete the cooking process of nalli nihari

Step 10

Step 9

Add the oil separated while cooking, onion crisp, lemon juice and ginger julienne while serving the mutton nihari


Step 5


Traditionally Nihari is cooked with Ghee, a special mixture of spices, and obviously shank meat for around 8 hours.