5 Bengali Vegan Food


Bengali Vegan Food

Bengali food, mostly is talked about Mach- Bhat  (fish and rice) payesh and Roshogolla (Kheer and Rasgulla) however, there are several vegetarians as well as vegan options available which are part of Bengali cuisine.

Jhuri Aloo Bhaja

Ever thought that true blue Bengali Jhuri Aloo bhaja is actually vegan as we use only potato, peanuts and curry leaves to make it.

Sheem-er Jhal

Broad beans cooked with tangy mustard paste and tomato, Shim-er Jhal for sure is a Bengali delicacy which is vegan.

Aloo Posto

How can we forget one of the famous Bengali delicacies, Aloo Posto? If you check the ingredients used; potato, green chili, poppy seed paste and mustard oil, you will realize it actually is vegan.

Kolai-er dal

The perfect companion of Aloo Posto is also Vegan. I am talking about Kolai-er dal aka Biulir dal, a Bengali delicacy cooked with white lentil and tempered with fennel seed.

Khosha Bhaja

Last but not the least Khosha Bhaja, a Bengali stir-fry prepared with the veggie peels. The peels which we mostly discard can be used in making this Bengali Vegan delicacy.