10 Mutton Curry Recipes to try this Kalipujo!

Debjanir Rannaghar

How about some of the signature mutton curry recipes that you can try this Kalipujo?  This particular festival in Bengal calls for Mangshor Jhol if you are  a non-vegetarian Bengali after all.

Niramish Mangsho

Oxymoron is it? Well it is not! As we do not add onion and garlic while cooking this particular Mutton curry, we call it Niramish. Do read the blog post to know about more

Mangshor Jhol

There is nothing like the good old mangshor jhol with aloo. If you don't have time use a pressure cooker and also try this recipe of mangshor jhol this kalipujo

Kosha Mangsho

Good Old signature Bengali Kosha Mangsho if you have time to slow-cook the mutton for hours. The time is worth spending as the end result would be mouth -watering Bengali Kosha Manghso

Gota Moshlar Mangsho

Quintessential Bengali Mutton Curry cooked with whole spices. Gota Moshlar Mangsho for sure is a dish you can try this Kalipujo

Gota Roshun Diye Mangsho

To know the difference between a normal runny mutton curry and mutton curry cooked with whole garlic pod, you need to cook it and try! Believe me, the garlic pod makes all the difference in Gota Roshun diye Mangsho

Joggi Barir Mangsho

Joggi Barir Mangsho is the quintessential rich Bengali mutton curry cooked by the traditional professional cooks known as Rannar Thakur as part of the celebratory meal

Posto Mangsho

Posto Mangsho aka Mutton Curry cooked with Poppy Seed paste is a Bengali style Mangsho aka Mutton curry cooked with famous Posto Bata!

Mete Chorchori

What if you wanted to concentrate on mutton liver? Go make MEte Chorchori and have it with rice!  Mete Chorchori is a signature Bengali dry side dish prepared with Mutton Liver and Potato Chunks

Kochi Pathar Jhol

A signature Bengali Mutton delicacy is Kochi Pathar Jhol or Runny Mutton Curry!. The secret is baby goat by the way. Pick the soft baby goat meat sans fat for this recipe

Shobji Diye Mangshor Jhol

Wanted to try something light yet don't want to miss mutton as part of the Kalipujor mangshobhat meal? Go for this recipe, A light mutton stew cooked with veggies. Comforting for sure