10 Bhai Phonta Special Recipes

Debjanir Rannaghar

Let's check some of the signature delicacies you can cook very easily at home for Bhai Phonta Feast. Here I am sharing a few items that can make a perfect Bengali Meal


Quintessential Bengali Shukto! Nothing can be better that this to start the Bhaiphonta special meal! Do check the recipe through the link

Bhaja Moong Daal

Once Shukto is served, the next item should be a bowl full of Bhaja Moong Daal flavored with Ghee

Jhuri Aloo Bhaja

A Bengali Meal with Daal is incomplete without Jhuri Aloo Bhaja! isn't it? 

Chingri Malaicurry

Thinking of cooking prawns on Bhaiphonta! I prefer the singature delicacy Chicngri Malaicurry! what about you

Katla Kalia

If you wish to keep the Bhaiphonta special platter simple; think about Katla Kalia! it works!

Gota Moshlar Mangsho

Quintessential Bengali Mutton Curry cooked with whole spices. Gota Moshlar Mangsho for sure is a dish you can try this Bhai Phonta

Basanti Pulao

Perfectly cooked Basanti Pulao is unputdownable! Do cook it with your choice of Mangsho

Plastic Chutney

All you need some patience and good ingredients to make this perfect chutney called Plastic Chutney!

Chanar Jilapi

Bengali Chenna Jalebi; an amazing dessert you can have as part of the bhai phonta spread

Rice Kheer  aka Chaler Payesh

How about keeping it simple and making some Rice Kheer aka Chaler Payesh this bhaiphonta?