Scrumptious Winter-special Bengali Saag Recipes to try

Debjanir Rannaghar

Scrumptious Bengali Saag Recipes to try this winter. All these recipes are cooked with seasonal greens and are perfect for winter lunch or dinner!

Pui Chingri Ghonto (malabar Spinach with Shrimps)

Winter special Piajkoli ar Aloo diye Tangra Macher Jhol (Onion Greens with small fish)

Pui Metuli chorchori (Shrimps cooked with the fruits of malabar spinach)

Pui Shaak Diye Masoor Daal (Malabar Spinach with Red Lentil)

Kochu Shak-er Ghonto (mash with Taro leaves)

Lau Shaker Chorchori (Bengali Vegetarian Mishmash with Bottle Gourd Greens)

Palong Shag-er Ghonto (Bengali Spinach mishmash with seasonal veggies)

Lau Shak Bhate Posto diye (Bottle gourd leave mishmash with poppyseed paste)

Khosha Bhala (stir-fried eg peels)

Laal Shak Bhaja (Red Amaranth leaves- stir-fry

Danta Chorchori