Bengali Mutton Recipes for Bengali Noboborsho special Lunch!


Delictable Bengali Mutton Curry recipes you can try this  Noboborsho!

Mutton Kosha aka Kosha Mangsho

Slow cooked mutton is the perfect meal to serve on the day of Poila Boisakh. Signature Bengali dish, Mutton Kosha, is a delicious and hearty mutton Curry that is sure to please your guests.

Mangshor Jhol

This Bengali Mangshor Jhol recipe is the perfect meal to cook for lunch on Poila Boisakh. It is quick and easy to make in a pressure cooker, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the holiday.

Posto Mangsho

Planning to cook something different for the mangsho bhat lunch on the day of dol?  Cook mutton with Posto bata and thank me later.

Gota Roshun diye Mangsho

Bengali mutton curry is a special dish cooked with whole garlic pods. You need to cook this dish to know why it is special. The best day to cook this dish is the Bengali New Year.

Gota Moshlar Mangsho

All the time you have to devote to cook this mutton delicacy is worth! Try this and let me know the outcome

Niramish Mangsho

Ever tried Mutton curry without Onion and Garlic? If not do try this signature Bengali Delicacy Niramish Mangsho on the day of Poila Boisakh!

Kochi Pathar Jhol

Do you like goat meat? If so, you'll love Kochi Pathar Jhol! This mutton curry is one of a kind and a perfect fit for the Poila Boisakh lunch table.

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