Janmasthami Special Tal Recipes


Tal aka Sugar Palm is a seasonal fruit we mostly get in the month of August and September, In West Bengal and Bangladesh, several delicacies are cooked with Tal on the occasion of Janmashthami using Tal

Taler Bora aka Fritters prepared with Sugar Palm pulp is one of the famous of the lot! This is also known as Taler Phuluri

Taler Bora

Taler Luchi

Flatbread prepared with pulp of Tal; taler luchi is a famous Bengali delicacy. Sugar palm pulp is mixed with flour to make the dough

Tal Kheer

Kheer cooked with Supar Palm pulp aka Taler Rosh. I  this recipe, along with sugar  palm, milk and nuts are also used

Taler Patishapta

Crepe with Taler Rosh, Taler Patishapta. We use a sugar pulp loaded stuffing prepared with coconut in this crepe