Bengali Barishali Ilish Recipe 

Debjanir Rannaghar

Bengali Barishali Ilish aka Ilish Barishali is a tangy Bengali style Hilsa curry cooked with mustard paste, coconut paste and curd! 

Step 1

Marinate Hilsa fish chunks aka ilish mach with salt and  turmeric powder

Step 2

Here you can see the hilsa chunks marinate. Do not use Khoka Ilish

Step 3

You don't need to fry fish unless using the tail. If using fry it and serve the oil along with rice. Remaining fishes will be added to the curry as it is

Step 4

Mix mustard paste, fresh coconut paste and curd in a bowl to make a thick paste.

Step 5

]Add Green chilis based on how spicy you want the Hilsa currry

Step 6

Add Salt. Turmeric Powder and Red chili powder  and mix

Step 6

Temper mustard oil in a pan with Nigella seed aka Kalojire

Now add the thick mixture to the pan and let it mix with the oil

Step 7

Add needed water (I washed the bowl with water and added)

Step 8

Bring the mustard gravy to boil

Step 8

Now add marinated fish and cook for 10 minutes unless the fish is properly cooked. If needed add little water and finish it off with a Tbsp. full of Mustard oil

Step 8

Ilish Barishali