Bengali Mangsho Recipes for Holi special Lunch!


Some of the easy Bengali Mutton Curry recipes you can try this Doljatra!

Mangshor Jhol

Quick and easy Mangshor Jhol in a pressure cooker; do cook this for the lunch of holi if you have less time

Mutton Kosha aka Kosha Mangsho

If you can devote at least 2 hours, make Mutton Kosha!

Posto Mangsho

Planning to cook something different for the mangsho bhat lunch on the day of dol?  Cook mutton with Posto bata and thank me later.

Chicken Kosha

Mutton is not your thing? How about Chicken Kosha?

Gota Moshlar Mangsho

All the time you have to devote to cook this mutton delicacy is worth! Try this and let me know the outcome