5 one-pot rice recipes

Debjanir Rannaghar


Let's check 5 Indian one-pot rice recipes which are easy to cook, amazingly flavorful and most importantly one-pot meal!

Bou Khuda Pulao

Quick and easy Bou Khuda Pulao, a Bengali delicacy cooked with broken rice and veggies. This dish is not only tasty but nutritious as well.

Soyabean Pulao

Cooked with Soyabean, Soya Pulao is easy to cook in a pressure cooker and amazingly flavorful.

chicken Khichdi

Cooked in a pressure cooker, Chicken Khichdi takes hardly 30 minutes to cook. Needless to say, Chicken Khichdi is delicious.

Murg Pulao in a Pressure Cooker

Instant Murg Pulao in a pressure cooker that can be cooked with easily available ingredients within no time!

Masoor Dal Khichdi

Quick and easy Masoor Dal Khichdi. This is easy to digest yet full-on flavors. the recipe calls for very basic ingredients and a pressure cooker