Wykiki, Taj City Centre, New Town Kolkata - what to try!

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Believe me! You are going to cherish the ambiance at Wykiki, Taj City Centre, New Town

Situated on the 6th floor of Taj City Centre Newtown Kolkata, “Wykiki” is having beautifully decorated indoor and outdoor seating options and is offering Chinese, Thai and Japanese along with varieties of premium liquor, Retro, social connections, and signature cocktails!

Tokyo Mule

Meeting Russia via Japan, this cocktail swaps vodka for sake, lime for yuzu juice and matcha

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Crispy Fried Bhetki

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Pan Fried  Chicken Noodles

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Some more Cocktail?

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Don't miss the clay pot chicken at Wykiki!

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I found the dessert offering the best of the lot!

Thapthim Krop

An amazing dessert prepared with Water chestnut, grenadine syrup, tapioca flour

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