Poush Sankranti special Pithe, Puli, Payesh Recipes

Debjanir Rannaghar

Let's check some of the famous pithe, Puli , Payesh Recipes for Poush Sankranti. IIn Bengali households, these delicacies are cooked on Makar Sankranti / Poush Sankranti and in fact, all through the winter.

Patali Gur-er Payesh is a famous Bengali delicacy cooked on  Poush Sankranti this is a rice kheer cooked with date palm jaggery

Patali Gurer Payesh


Patishapta is a crepe prepared with rice flour and all-purpose flour and stuffed with coconut and jaggery stuffing

Dudh Puli

Dudh Puli is a slow cooked desseert wherein coconut stuffed rice flour dumplings are cooked in milk with jaggery

Soru Chakli

Soru Chakli is a type of Crepe prepared with white lentil and rice flour. This is served both with gur aka jagerry or a spicy side

Rosh Bora

Fritters prepared with lentil and then those are cooked with jagerry water tempered with fennel seed. Rosh Bora is a winter special Pithe, popular in Bengal

Gokul Pitha

Gokul pitha is also known as Madal Gokul Pithe. In this recipe lentil fritters are stuffed with coconut mixture and then dipped in jagery syrup.

Chosir Payesh

Choshir Payesh is a Bengali delicacy cooked on Poush Sankranti. a dough of flour is given shape of rice and the miniscule rice shaped dough portions are cooked with milk.