Easy Detox Water with Orange, Sweet Lime, Apple and Cucumber

By Debjanir Rannaghar

Infused with choice of fruits and vegetables and even spices and herbs, Detox water is amazingly good for health. You can make your choice of detox water very easily at home using readily available ingredients.

Detox Water with orange apple sweet lime cucumber

Cutting the fruits


Cut Orange, Sweet Lime, Apple and cucumber into small pieces.

Soaking the fruits


Fill a bottle with chilled water & take the fruits in a detox bottle (you can use a normal Mason Jar or bottle as well)

Now place the detox container and pour some more water and keep it in refrigerator for around 8 hours before consuming.

Orange is reach in vitamin C.

Sweet lime helps in digestion.

Apple is loaded in antioxidant  and helps against heart  diseases.

Cucumber keeps you hydrated  and is having less-calories.






Quick and easy Detox water in 10 minutes