Mango Mastani
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Mango Mastani is a mango, milk and ice cream-based thick milkshake from Pune, Maharastra
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 4 people
To make the Milkshake:
  • Ripe Mangoes: 4
  • Chilled Full Cream Milk: 1 Cup
  • Vanilla Ice Cream: 2 Scoop
  • Sugar: 2 Tbsp.
For Garnish:
  • Vanilla/ Mango Ice Cream: 4 Scoop
  • Cashew Nut: 10-12
  • Pistachio: 10-12
  • Reisin: 10-12
  • Glazed Cherri: 8-10
  • Tutti Frutti: 1 Tbsp.
  • Chopped Mango: 2 Tbsp.
  1. %Mango MastaniCut the stem of mangoes and dip in chilled water for one water before chopping the mangoes.
  2. Now Peel the skin and cut mangoes into small pieces.
  3. Make a smooth puree of the chopped mangoes.
  4. Using a blender mix mango puree with chilled milk, sugar and two scoops of ice cream,
  5. Now take two glasses and pour 1 scoop of ice cream in each glass and pour the milkshake over the ice cream and leave around 3-inch space on the top.
  6. Top the milkshake with 1 scoop of ice cream and decorate with glazed cherries, cashew nut, pistachio, raisin and Tutti frutti and serve Mango Mastani chilled.
I prefer to use Vanilla ice cream however Mango ice cream can also be used for more distinct mango flavor.
I use homemade Tutti Frutti (recipe can be found here)
Recipe by Debjanir Rannaghar at